“What are you longing for?”

This question changed everything.

In getting honest about my longings, I was able to take baby steps towards a slower, simpler, and more Sacred way to move through the world.

When I listened closely, I found that I was longing for longing for a less anxious way to navigate the disconnection, rootlessness and challenges of modern life. I was longing for more connection to my body. I was longing for more trusting, restorative relationships. I was longing for a slower and simpler pace of life.

I’m writing this publication for those of us who are on a journey of healing from all the upheaval and disorientation of our time. I’m writing this newsletter for those who are seeking new ways to know God, to know themselves, and to know their neighbors. I’m writing this newsletter for those of us who are cultivating deeper roots and pruning the branches of ourselves that have been too marred by fear. I’m writing this newsletter for those of us who’ve been saved by nature’s beauty and are seeking spaces to breathe deeper. I’m writing this newsletter for you.

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About me, the author and curator of A More Beautiful Way:

My name is Bethaney. I am a wife, writer and non-profit leader rooted in a rural community in Middle Georgia (Muscogee Creek Territory.) The South is my heartbeat and home. I lose sight of this from time to time, but the creeks, red clay, and whippoorwills in summer all have a way of reminding me of exactly where I come from.

For my work, I lead a non-profit that journeys alongside African-American landowners who are creating resilient land legacies through forestry and agriculture. Spiritually and religiously, I’m in the process of converting to Orthodox Christianity, which has been a tremendous and life-giving surprise. I co-sustain a one acre emerging homestead with my husband Alex and our two labahoula dogs, Isla and Bear. We call our home place Cedar Wilde.

When I’m not working, wrangling two very active dogs, or planting seeds with my husband, you can find me daydreaming, baking, rewatching Gossip Girl for the millionth time, or Face-timing my friends.

It seriously means the world to me that you’re here. I hope this space blesses you and meets you where you are with connection and grace.

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Slow living, spiritual formation & cultivating rootedness in modern life.


I'm a wife, writer, and non-profit executive director rooted in rural, Middle Georgia.