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The Diversity Gap: Impact Over Intentions - A Conversation w/ Terence Lester

The Diversity Gap: Impact Over Intentions - A Conversation w/ Terence Lester

Chapter Two: Impact Over Intentions

Insight: The impact of your organizational culture on people of color is more important than your good intentions for diversity.
Action: Prioritize hearing, believing, and following the leadership of people of color. Follow the lead of those most impacted by the problem.

Terence is a speaker, an activist, an author and thought leader on systemic poverty. He’s known for nationwide campaigns that bring awareness to issues surrounding homelessness and economic inequality. His awareness campaigns have been featured on MLK50, CNN, Good Morning America, TVONE, Creative Mornings, USA Today, NBC, AJC, Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, Upworthy, and have been viewed by millions of people worldwide.

In 2013, Terence founded the non-profit “Love Beyond Walls” and has helped hundreds of individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty to rebuild their lives. In 2019, Terence launched the Dignity Museum, the first shipping container museum in the U.S. specifically dedicated telling the stories of people who’ve experienced homelessness.

Terence has written six books, and his new book, “When We Stand: The Power Of Seeking Justice Together,” released in May. He also holds four degrees and is working towards his Ph.D. at Union Institute & University in Public Policy & Social Change.

So clearly, Terence is someone who has so much to teach us. But what I loved most about this conversation was how Terence pulled from his personal story and lived experiences to illuminate the nuances of living in a racialized society. This is a stellar conversation. Enjoy!

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The Diversity Gap exists to help leaders pair their good intentions for diversity with true cultural change.

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Website: http://terencelester.org

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imterencelester/

Love Beyond Walls: http://www.lovebeyondwalls.org

Racial Identity Development for BIPOC: https://catholicvolunteernetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/The-Ladder-of-Empowerment-for-POC.pdf

Racial Identity Development for White folks:https://www.fammed.wisc.edu/files/webfm-uploads/documents/diversity/LifeLongJourney.pdf

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