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The Diversity Gap: Lead with Courage - w/ Sandra Maria Van Opstal

The Diversity Gap: Lead with Courage - w/ Sandra Maria Van Opstal

Chapter 7: Lead with Courage - w/ Sandra Maria Van Opstal

Insight: People don’t just want a job; people want to belong.
Action: Your intentionality and vulnerability as the leader set the tone for how much belonging is possible. Your willingness to own your journey of growth and change paves the way for others working in your organization.

Now for today’s conversation, you get to learn from the brilliant Sandra Maria Van Opstal. I have known Sandra for many years and am always inspired by how her activism and leadership are firmly rooted in the context of her neighborhood and the relationships she’s cultivating there. Sandra is an author, pastor, speaker, and social entrepreneur who leads an organization called Chasing Justice. The mission of Chasing Justice to rebuild a just world. It is a faith-inspired movement led by a diverse array of people of color. And the organization works to elevate stories and pathways for justice practitioners and advocates. So after you hear from Sandra in this conversation, definitely check out the show notes to tap into all that this team is doing to inspire folks to get involved in addressing the most pressing issues we’re facing as a global community.

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